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Is your Caravan fitted with an Alde Compact 3010 or 3020 Heating System??

Have you have your fluid changed??

As a Factory Trained Alde Certified Service Agent we are pleased to offer a full maintainance service to our customers.

Why do I need to change the Fluid?

If your caravan is under 2 years old the heating system is likely to be filled with Blue Anti-freeze which has an operational life of 2 years before it loses its anti-corrosion properties and will need to be changed. At Minster Caravan Services we remove your old fluid, flush the system and replenish using Alde Approved G13 Anti-Freeze which will have an operational life of 5 years.

This is from Alde UK's website -

"G13 Spec was launched by the Volkswagen Group in 2013, and is now used in Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, MAN, Porsche, Scania, SEAT, Škoda and VW vehicles. So it's commonly available from anywhere you'd expect to buy antifreeze for your car engine radiator. G13 officially supersedes G12++ Spec, offering the same benefits from a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Alde recommend G13 Spec antifreeze."

Can I change the fluid myself??

It is strongly recommended that changing the fluid in your Alde Heating System is left to a Certified Agent or Service Centre as specialised equipment is needed to complete the fluid change and to ensure any airlocks in the system are fully removed. Also by using a Certified Agent or Service Centre means your warranty remains valid.

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