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At Minster Caravan Services we are always looking at ways to enhance and improve our services and product ranges that we can offer our customers. From Motor Movers to Security and Safety Devices we like to offer as wide a range as possible. Our Latest line of Solar Panels and Solar Panel kits has been one of our best sellers through 2015 and continues to attract interest. We have also been asked to fit panels to other leisure vehicles such as Motorhomes, Boats and Horseboxes.


Our Solar Panel kits come complete with Panel, Mounts, Charge Controller, Glue, all Cables and Gland Box.

Why Fit a Solar Panel??

More freedom, cheaper pitches, considerably cheaper power and environmentally friendly, what’s not to like about solar panels?

How would I benefit from a Solar Panel on my Caravan or Motor Home??

This is the most common question that we are asked. A Solar Panel kit from Minster Caravan Services will allow you to really get away from it all by not having to rely on Electric Hook Up to keep your 12v systems working and keeping your leisure battery charged. Fitting one of our kits will open up your choice of sites to visit and take away the worry of always having to find somewhere to get ‘plugged in’.

Fitted or Freestanding??

In general, free-standing solar panels make it easier to generate as much power as possible by positioning the panel to catch as much sun as it can. However, they can be cumbersome and difficult to store and transport when not in use, not to mention the fact you need to leave them unattended from time to time.  Roof-mounted solar panels are permanently fixed to the caravan or motor home, meaning they can’t be as easily angled to catch the sun. The major advantages of these are that they don’t take up storage space or need to be transported separately and there is no risk involved in leaving them to do their thing during the day. We always recommend a fitted system.

Not sure I want holes drilled through the roof of my Caravan!!

When we install our kits there is only ever 1 hole made to allow access for the Cables to the Charge Controller which is mounted inside the Caravan or Motor Home. The Cables are put through a special ‘Gland Box’ which seals the cable against the weather, the box is then fitted over the hole with weather proof adhesive.

What is the life of a Solar Panel??

Solar Panel technology has improved greatly over the past 5-10 years and is still evolving week by week. An average Solar Panel will only lose 20% of its performance over 20 years.

What happens when I plug into the Mains??


Our Solar Panel Kits come with a Charge Controller which has a built-in protection circuit. Once the leisure battery has been fully charged the Controller will turn off the charge circuit and will be put into ‘Stand By’ mode. The Charge Controller will not allow power to go back into the Solar Panel as this will not cause damage. When Electric Hook Up is used the Solar Panel will operate until the leisure battery has achieved a fully charged state then goes into ‘Stand By’ mode

What size do I need??

Our best selling kit this year is our 100w system which will give you around 28 Amps per day during the summer months which is more than enough to keep things charged and functioning as they should. Our Slightly smaller 80w system will produce around 22 Amps per day. These figures should be used as a guide only as output may vary due to weather conditions. To work out roughly what you will need follow the simple guide below.

In electrical terms, power (measured in watts, W) equals current (in amps, A) multiplied by voltage (in volts, V). Y our battery produces roughly 12V to power your equipment, so to work out the drain on your battery from an appliance, take its power rating and divide by 12. For example, a 16W light draws a current of 16/12 = 1.33A. Turn it on for three hours a day and you’ll need 1.33 x 3 = 4Ah every day from your battery to power that single light. Use a 45W 12V television for the same time and you’ll need 3 x 12/45 = 11.25Ah every day from your battery

Do you have Solar Panel Kits for Motor Homes??

Our Motor Home Solar Panel Kits are also available. Our Kits come with a Single Output Charge Controller which will keep a single leisure battery charged but with our Motor Home kit we supply a Dual Output Charge Controller that will keep the Leisure Battery and Engine Battery topped up. This system is designed if the Vehicle is left standing for long periods of time.

Can I see how much my Solar Panel producing??

We can supply a display at extra cost so you can see how much you are producing and how much you are using.

Will it extend the life of my Batteries??

Our kits will keep your Leisure Battery and/or Vehicle Battery ‘Active’ during long periods of inactivity by not allowing the Battery to go flat which may extend the life of your Battery.

Solar Panel Kit Price List (Supply and Fit within the Southeast of England)

80watt – With Single or Dual Charge Controller - £299.00

100watt – With Single or Dual Charge Controller - £349.00

120watt – With Single or Dual Charge Controller - £425.00

150watt – With Single or Dual Charge Controller - £535.00

Remote Meter/Display for any of the above kits - £65.00

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