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New Arrivals

We are very pleased to announce that we are now an Authorised Distributor for

 The 'Traveller' is the latest offering from This compact WiFi Hotspot is ideal for Caravan and Motorhome owners that want to stay connected wherever they roam with connectivity in the remotest areas. The unit can be powered by either 240 volts or by 12 volts giving flexibility for on or off grid use making it ideal for using in conjunction with vehicle security devices. Due to it's compact size and durable construction the 'Traveller' has many other applications of use not just leisure. Current users include remote workers, road-based engineers, sale people and temporary offices where a landline or data connection isn't an option. We have been using one of these boxes for a while now and have found it to be an essential item to help our business function. offer this unit with or without a sim card and often have great deals available to suit everyone's budget. Take a look below for the current offers, you'll be pleased you did!!
Easywifibox - Unlocked without Sim

Easywifibox - with 5gb multi sim anytime data. 3, ee, vodaphone and 02  in one sim

Easywifibox - Traveller 2025

Pre-Paid 3 sim with 80gb per month until July 2025


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