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Part of Minster Caravan Services providing Solar Power for Caravans, Motorhomes, and

Marine Applications

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Solar4Leisure is based in Southeast England and is dedicated to providing Solar Power Systems specially designed for the leisure vehicle market. Solar and wind technology allows greater freedom to the leisure industry. From a simple 12V 80W kit to a fully 'off-grid' system, we are confident that we have kits to suit all applications.

We confidently use high-quality, European-made panels and kits.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why fit a solar panel system?

You will get more freedom, cheaper pitches or moorings, generate your own power, and be environmentally friendly. What's not to like about all that?

A solar kit from Solar4Leisure will allow you to really get away from it all by not having to rely on electric hook-up to keep your 12V systems working.

Fitting one of our kits will open up your choice of sites to visit and take away the worry of always having to find somewhere to get ‘plugged in’.

Fitted or freestanding?

Freestanding solar panels can make it easier to generate as much power as possible by being able to angle the panel to the desired location, however, they can also be cumbersome and take up storage when not in use.

Fitted (roof-mounted) panels are permanently fixed to the top of the caravan, motorhome, or boat, meaning they can't be easily angled to catch the most sun. The advantage to a fitted panel is that they don't take up storage space and can be left unattended to keep the leisure battery powered whilst not in use.

Will there need to be holes drilled?

Yes, there will need to be one hole made for cable and wire access. The hole will be covered with a 'gland box' and sealed with a strong, weather-proof adhesive.

Can I see how much power is being produced?

Yes, as an optional extra, we can fit an LCD display that tells you what is being produced, your leisure battery voltage, and what your current consumption is.

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Got another question? We're happy to help!

For help with pricing and availability, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Call us on 01795 871974

Solar4Leisure is part of Minster Caravan Services.

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